I Heart Henri

Many, many years ago, a blogger named Sanity Fair discovered the most divine candle fragrance ever known. She did not expect to find a wonderful treasure candle, because she was in the land of Bath and Body Works, lost in a smelly forest of things created by the trolls of commerce called "butterfly flower" and "black amethyst" and not found in nature. Then, suddenly, a bold knight in a brown apron, bearing a shield of package wrap and weapon of bath spritzer came to her aid. There was, he told her, a master artesian named "Henri Bendel" who made magical candles with the power to fill a room with scent, for less than $20. If she could brave the thicket of antibacterial hand washes and make her way through the land of lip gloss, she could find the promised candle.

She did, and lived happily ever after - UNTIL Bath and Body Works stopped carrying the candles. Thankfully, Henri Bendel still has them on their website (although my favorite, Jasmine is no longer available). They're $30, and they're divine.


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