Masterpiece Theatre (Plus Towels)

Tragically for my wallet, I'm usually more BIY (Buy It Yourself) than DIY. But when I saw this sink skirt designed and executed by Eddie Ross, two things happened: 1) I was IN AWE (who pulls off a sink skirt that doesn't reek of granny's 1950s doily decorated bathroom??), and 2) I gradually realized... I could DO this. Wow.

So thanks to Eddie Ross for that moment of dawning decor enlightenment. To see the complete blow-by-blow of how he did it, visit Eddie's blog. And don't the extra touches of the greek key towel and Wedgwood plate just make it?

To achieve this look, Eddie used towels from Dollar Tree for the fabric (thus the "pleated" effect - those are separate towels), plus a glue gun, velcro, black grosgrain, and a dollop of genius.


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