M.A. Belle and Rubie Green

Fellow mourners for Domino, you are in for a lovely treat. I was so excited to discover designer Michelle Adams! Aside from having a gorgeous bedding line, Rubie Green, and fabulous style, Michelle's newly decorated home is in this month's Real Living magazine. Actually, her home was supposed to be featured in Domino, and when the magazine folded, so did the story. So we have to be grateful to Real Living for featuring Michelle's lovely home. Here's a sneak peak, as well as images from her fabulous bedding line. For the full scoop, visit Michelle's blog, M.A. Belle.

A vignette from Michelle's house. I spy chinoiserie, an Anthropologie ikat bowl, greek key - and wonderful book stacks! Notice how well the serene grey of the walls and the white molding provides a structured backdrop for the bold colors in the room.

Bedding from Rubie Green bedding. Don't you want to be this girl? 
What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Lovely shams, lovely patterns.

The advertising is beautiful too. Here, a patterned pillow case debuts as a bow belt for cocktail hour.

Action, and Scene! In this ad tableau, the model carries fabric bolts of Rubie Green cloth.

Aren't these patterns marvelous? I wouldn't know where to start. 
You can purchase Rubie Green fabrics to use in your own designs.

All images, M.A. Belle and Rubie Green.


Kitty said...

how utterly delightful! in a world of fugliness, i am grateful for your good taste delivered right to my feed reader. thanks!

Southern Aspirations said...

Of course I adore the pops of orange (or coral?) in her room. And those fabrics!! Thanks for sharing.

Averill said...

Love Rubie Green and was so excited to see they had a bedding line out now as well!

I've been trying to think of a way to work in Rubie Green fabric for ages now in my own house, but was always afraid it'd be too girly for my husband. He did say though that he loved the purple roses w/ brown leaves fabric though when I included it in a mood board on Odi et maybe I'll be using that one!

Beth Connolly said...

I have always loved the East Village in raspberry-one of my favorites.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love all of those fabrics and fun images. Nice red/blue chair combination in the first one too.

Maureen Stevens said...

love the pops of color! the yellow bed is definitely dreamy & of course that persimmon chippendale chair caught my eye!

annechovie said...

Love Rubie green and Michelle...she is a truly lovely person!


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