Technology Goes Gorgeous

Tory Burch in her NY office.

I remember my first computer, an unwieldy, unappealing chunk of black plastic produced by Dell Corp and accompanied by the greatest technological wonder known to modern mankind:  a WORKING PHONE NUMBER THAT DIRECTLY CALLED A HUMAN FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT. In under a minute. I know. I tried it.  

These days, such an incident would be relegated to the department of minor miracles, but at least one thing has improved: looks. The modern designing woman need not suffer hours awaiting technical support - oh, she'll wait, but she'll have something lovely to look at while she does it. Below, a few ideas for improving your view. 

Thomas Paul calendar mouse pads.

A personalized paperweight at Red Stamp.

An office by Kelly Wearstler. Orderly, but not TOO orderly shelf stacks and a variety of textures keep the look interesting. Most importantly, there's plenty of light - four light fixtures in this view alone.

Vivienne Tam laptop for HP (there's a matching clutch too).

Anna Griffin file folders from Elisabeth's Embellishments.

Kate Spade pencil case.

A Celerie Kimble office. I like this space because it just happens to have a desk tucked in the corner - the room can be used for so many different things at the same time. And the layers of cool color are wonderful. 

Images/Sources:  Tory Burch image, Mouse pads and paper weight, Wearstler office image, Vivienne Tam laptop, File folders, Kate Spade pencil case, Celerie Kemble image, Kemble Interiors via lovely blog M.A. Belle


ticklishfromadistance said...

Yes, times have changed. I remember when seeing a fax machine was like discovering the wheel!

Southern Aspirations said...

It's like you brought in all of my favorites! Doing work can be fun when you surround yourself with great decor. Great finds!

Things That Inspire said...

Although I am not a KW fan (her style, she seems like a perfectly lovely person), I do love that image of the office she designed. Although, I think my ideal office would have a window.

Averill said...

I absolutely adore chic office supplies. It's like my addiction to make-up: I buy way more than I need and am often a sucker for cute packaging. That said though, I LOVE the TP mousepads and may just have to go and treat myself. :)

studioJudith said...

Lots of TechnoPretty here!

Beth Connolly said...

I love pretty desk things-these are great. As for technology and customer service-my telephone and internet were down for three days. I am so frazzled!


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