Mainstream Retro

What's old is new again. This collection of home objects from Urban Outfitters is more whimsical than nostalgic - how many young UO shoppers have ever held a record or used a pay phone? But these classics still have charm, and familiarity, thanks to Hollywood. Try a little retro movie glamor in your apartment.

Imagine doing DJ duty at your next party with this teal player, à la Holly Golightly. Just don't forget to turn it down before the police arrive.

This reminds me of the drum of typewriters in a publishing house, and secretaries wearing sherbet-colored twinsets, just like in the movie The Best of Everything.

The classic payphone, in superhero red. Clark Kent probably called the farm from the local soda shop on a number like this.
P.S. I'm still on vacation, but have so many wonderful things to share next week,
INCLUDING a trip through an Atlanta flea market with the fabulous Eddie Ross!
Stay tuned!

Images, Urban Outfitters.


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