Shopping with Eddie Ross, Part I

I'm back! Thanks to everyone who offered such sweet well-wishes for my trip. After a fabulous week touring around Georgia, visiting antebellum mansions, antiquing, and hanging out at Flannery O'Conner's home, I am blogging again, loaded with memories and marvelous pictures (you'll see all in good time). 

However, the FIRST thing I have to share with you is a wonderful trip to Atlanta's Scott's Antique Market yesterday with former Martha Stewart designer, House Beautiful editor, Top Design contestant, and all around fabulous guy Eddie Ross. Eddie and his partner in crime, Jaithan, led myself and some other very lucky ladies on a treasure-hunt through the market. What fun! While we ooohed and awed over finds, Eddie dispensed practical tips and inspiring ideas for designers-in-training.  

First lesson: looking beyond the surface (of mustard horror). Eddie demonstrates how to find a piece of furniture with good lines and turn it into something special. This chaise would suit a smaller room, and as Eddie pointed out, it had lovely wooden legs (a good reason to nix the skirt when reupholstering).  P.S. Be sure to save any nailheads when you reupholster - new ones won't have that lovely patina.

Eddie called mantel accessories "fireplace jewelry." There's certainly plenty of bling to choose from here!  I asked Eddie about other uses for fireplace accoutrements in the South (while we like our fireplaces, we don't really need them) and he suggested using fireboxes as planters.  The firebox in the lower RH corner would be charming lined with moss and planted in bright daffodils to contrast with the dark metal. 
I also had fun meeting blogger Susannah (blue dress), and her sister. Susannah is starting her own customized jewelry line, Goods To Adorn.  Also joining was fellow blogger of the Blue Hydrangea who came all the way from NC to be part of the fun. The members of the tour were as inspiring as the market!

One of my favorite stops was at a vintage clothing booth, loaded with Lilly Pulitzer, saris, and bright baubles. Here, Eddie shows how to evaluate fabrics for use as one-of-a-kind decorative pillows around the home. 

He pointed out that with unique fabric and some light beading (costume jewelry!) you could come up with a completely unique look - and avoid big cost on a small item. Said Eddie of the high cost of accessory pillows: "it's offensive - it's called a throw pillow!" I would have to agree.
I asked Eddie to pause for a pink and pink picture - but he advises reupholstering that headboard!

A booth full of beautiful linens. There are so many uses for textiles - window hangings, table decoration, throw pillows, cut and hemmed into napkins, etc. And, they make wonderful presents!

Jaithan peaks over the edge of the narrow textile stall to keep an eye on the action.

A lovely group of monogramed hand towels. It's all but impossible to find a monogram that matches your own, but Eddie suggested collecting sets of three towels, one with each of your letters, and hanging them in order in your bathroom. A great way to make a unique piece work for you. 

Atlanta designer Sarah Youngblood (standing closest to Eddie in a French antiques booth) and I tried this idea out on a pre-monogramed tote bag later in the day - but decided to have the letters stand for a funny favorite title or motto. It turned out that the ALM monogram on her zebra patterned-bag stood for "A Moxie Lady." As Eddie said, "make it your own!"
P.S. Don't you LOVE the gray and cream chest of drawers in the center of this picture? Beautiful. This dealer dealt exclusively in French pieces, most of them painted in soft grays and creams. She also had shelves stocked with uncut 19th century French books.

As you can see, it was a great day, loaded with inspiration. Stop by tomorrow for a few more of Eddie's hints and tips - including glassware, using printed fabric, and framing! 


annechovie said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! I remember a trip to scott's when I lived in Atlanta.

Haven and Home said...

Oh I am so jealous you were at Scotts, with Eddie, and so many other wonderful ladies! I haven't been in a while, I may try to go next time.

PS- I LOVE the chest.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I love the chest and great tip about the old nailheads. Looks like you had a great time!

bluehydrangea said...

Great post! Loved meeting you, had such a good time! It's also great to find a new blog. I will being doing a post on the big shopping trip and will be sure to give a shout out to Sanity Fair!

Beth Connolly said...

Looks like a really great time-how fun!

Alicia said...

A decadently fun haven made even more fabulous with killer company. Now all you needed was soemone to buy every whim you wished for.
Glad you had fun & thanks for sharing!!!

sophie dahy designs said...

WE LOVE going to Scott's!! We haven't been in awhile-need to plan a trip . Thank you so much for the support you are giving us. I can't tell you how much it is appreciated!

Sanity Fair said...

Anne - I had never been to Scott's before, and I was OVERWHELMED (not least because I went to the north building, instead of the south, and got lost :). Can't wait to go back.

Sanity Fair said...

Blue Hydrangea - thanks for the shout-out! It was so fun to meet you. What a good time!

Sanity Fair said...

Sophie Dahy Designs - I did see some amazing vases and jars there! Perfect for y'all.

Things That Inspire said...

Looks like a fun trip! Scott's can have so many treasures, but there is a lot of junk too so it must have been nice to be guided by an expert!

Averill said...

SO jealous you got to shop with Eddie! He's heading to Texas this fall for Roundtop and I'm definitely going to have to join in on the fun.

Btw, did you make any purchases? If so, I want to see!

Sanity Fair said...

Things That Inspire - it was! And BTW, Eddie swears by the South Building - he says he always finds less junk there. We certainly did see some great things.

Sanity Fair said...

Averill - you have to do it in TX! It was such a lot of fun - Eddie has a really lively spirit, and it was also a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.
Yes, I DID find some great things - posts upcoming!!

studioJudith said...

Looks like a great day !

Ingrid Mida said...

I wish I'd been there with you but thanks for sharing what you learned. I'm working on some pillows using the fabric I brought back from Paris for my new Etsy shop!

Sanity Fair said...

Ingrid - I can't WAIT to see the results! Hope the pillows are finished soon!

Mer said...

Speaking of monograms, I once had the good fortune to find a set of tea towels in an antique store in Michigan monogrammed with my husband's exact initials. Of course I bought them!

Thanks for all the great tips (especially regarding linens and decoupage with antique prints)--I have scads of both) I can apply to the new place. You MUST come visit and bestow your wise counsel on my interior!

sophie dahy designs said...

Thank you for the reminder about Scott's. We are always on the lookout for blue and white containers. Unfortunately in most places they are terribly expensive. I think we will go in september. Wish we could have gone with you all!!

Christina said...

such fantastic tips, all of them!

Anonymous said...

How sweet are you? And so much fun to shop with! Thank you for such a great and thorough post! Can't wait to hang out again soon!

Eddie + Jaithan


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