Redesign: The Green and White Chinoiserie Desk

I have a quaint little fold-top desk that has been with me since childhood. A writer must have a desk, however small, and this one has followed me like a devoted little dog through a series of apartments and houses, frequently squeezed into awkward corners, dragged up stairs, or stuffed in the back of my SUV. My faithful desk needs a face lift, and I've decided to do it in green and white chinoiserie. 
It may look average now - but wait till we're through!

1. Replace the handles and knob with brushed brass bamboo hardware.
2. Decoupage the interior of the desktop in a green and white trellis paper.
3. Paint the foot and crown of the desk in a green matching the paper.
4. Fill it with beautiful things!

A few favorite items I'd like to use in my re-design (clockwise):  
1. Thomas Paul crysanthymum pillow. 
2. Iomoi personalized paperweight. 
3. Brushed brass faux bamboo hardware. 
4. and 6. Iomoi pencils. 
5. Jasper Conran for Wedgwood china (for paper clips and odds and ends). 
6. Lucite green and white chinoiserie tray, by Iomoi. 
Green and White Chinoiserie

A Jonathan Adler chippendale style faux bamboo chair, accented with a Thomas Paul pillow. While I'm concentrating on renovating the desk right now, a new coordinating chair is in the future. I may get a green version instead of white - Adler makes both!
Bamboo Chair

A bamboo trellis pattern wallpaper I'm planning to order for the interior decoupage. I'd love to do Wearstler's Imperial Trellis (see below), but it's a bit pricy for an amateur project. I need an affordable paper available in less than a single roll, in a green and white trellis pattern. Do you have a great suggestion? Send it on!!!
THE RESULTS...  stay tuned! 

In the meantime, here's a little of my inspiration. ANY mention of chinoiserie can't overlook the stunning blog Chinoiserie Chic, the authority for this subject in the blogosphere. Check out Beth's recent post on the Blanc de Chine Office, as well as a detailed how-to on chinoiserie decoupage, with stunning results like this:
Maybe I should do filing cabinets next?

And while we're at it, here's an example of Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis used in decoupage and the green Jonathan Adler chair. I'd already thought up this scheme when I stumbled on the picture, and it was nice to see how well it could come off. Here's hoping for a happy ending!

Movie Credits:  All "pieces" as listed above.  File Cabinet Photo, originally Domino via StyleCourtvia Chinoiserie Chic. Trellis Decoupage Cabinet Photo, an unknown, online find. If this is your picture, please email me so that I may give credit where credit is due!


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Great inspiration pics. Love the colors. Can't wait to see the finished product!! Lynn

Kitty said...

there's a blog called "a gift wrapped life." i think you could find it on chinoiserie chic. anyway, she has tons of groovy papers you could use to decoupage the inside of your desk. plenty of chinoiserie -- meow! sounds like an awesome project!

Sanity Fair said...

Kitty - I love the blog Gift Wrapped Life but it didn't occur to me to ask there - great idea!

Alicia said...

I can't wait for the after!!!
I'd go one step further & also decoupage the drawer fronts too....

Alicia said...

Pink Wallpaper's having a sale through her on the wallpapaer...
its a blogspot blog...

Beth Connolly said...

SF-Thanks for the mention of Chinoiserie Chic-love it all of course. I have sent you links to some fabulous vintage trellis wallpaper on eBay for a fraction of the cost that I think you would like.

Averill said...

I can't wait to see the final result -- your inspiration board is spot-on and I LOVE the idea of a trellis paper with a JA chair. Gorgeous!

(PS - I'd scope out eBay for a vintage Chippendale-style chair. There are a TON of them available online for cheap and you can always paint it the exact shade of green you're after!)

Sanity Fair said...

Alicia - I've been debating about that. It's going in a small living room, so I've got to see how much "presence" it will have - it's a possibility!

Sanity Fair said...

Averill - great tip. I'm haunting ebay these days - hopefully just the right thing will pop up.

Sanity Fair said...

Thanks Beth! I knew you would have great resources - MUCH appreciate all the links.

Sarah Klassen said...

I can't wait to see it when you've completed the makeover :) I love the route your going - the hardware is stunning - *anxiously waiting*

Southern Aspirations said...

Love it and am excited to see the final project! Interested in how the decoupage goes as I've got a few decoupage projects I'd like to do as well....

Christina said...

is the final product up, did i miss it? i'd love to see it!

Vickie H. said...

OK, I have been back through every single blog post of yours since you posted on re-doing your little secretary...and you have never posted on your PLEASE let us know what happened and/or show us the final result. You have inspired me to change a very old chest of drawers with your bamboo handles. Love this blog...will be following forevermore!!

Grazia said...

Hi I'm Grazia and I'm italian. I visit your blog ... very very nice. I would like if you visit mine. I'm a decoupeur addict, and I make lamps and other object and I read that you like decoupage ... or not?

Congratulation !!



Grazia said...

Hi I'm Grazia and I'm italian. I visit your blog ... very very nice. I would like if you visit mine. I'm a decoupeur addict, and I make lamps and other object and I read that you like decoupage ... or not?

Congratulation !!




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