Visions of Vuitton

Recently, I discovered the website/clothing company, Tulle, via Down and Out Chic, one of my favorite reads for inexpensive inspiration. Tulle makes stylish and highly affordable clothing - with a bit of fashion flair. One dress I admired seemed familiar. I couldn't figure out why until I revisited some of my old tearsheets. 

Here's the Tulle dress, pretty in blue.

And here's Louis Vuitton! Does anyone else remember this dress? I loved it - it was available in a variety of candy colors (click on the picture for a better view).
Just a little walk down memory lane...
I would also LOVE to have those balloons.

And here are a few more things from Tulle:
Vuitton dress, Harper's Bazaar Magazine

P.S. I'll be doing a guest post later this week on Cheap and Chic wedding guest attire - a must this time of year. Stay tuned!


Christina said...

tulle is awesome and thank you for the "shout out!"

annechovie said...

Never heard of it before, Skyla, but I like it! Thank you for the intro!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I agree, thanks for the tip. The clothes are incredibly cute. Will certainly be checking out the sight!
Love the coral coat ♥

Sanity Fair said...

Anne - me neither! Down and Out chick has been teaching me the hidden side of cheap and chic (i.e. not Target and Forever 21!).

Beth Connolly said...

Great prices!


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