Are you sitting down? GREAT designs ahead! I love Anthropologie because they are so inventive, so unusual, so on-trend-yet-classic (is that possible?) and often, a good deal. Their sales looketh not to clear out dead-end merchandise. Instead, you can often find some of their best pieces in the sale bin

Here's the clear winner for me:  a Missoni-friendly malliot for $99 (almost 50% off). The hottest days of summer are just starting - see them out in style.

This Anjou Chandelier has wonderful presence and a wonderful price for a light fixture of this size: $995, down from $1,798.

This is a perfect transition piece for fall - the filligree is light enough for summer, but the bling can handle a sweater and some seriously dark shades. Best of all?  It's only $20.

A "green goddess" knob in agate in brass is an exquisite addition to a powder room or once-lowly cabinet. It's very Kelly Wearstler (and we all know how I feel about her) and thus perfect. The beautiful texture says expensive, but it's on sale for only $7.95.

As I said yesterday, I have the Fall fashion bug, and this bag is part of the reason! I LOVE the Turkish inspiration, jewel and brown tones, and roomy size. Kilim Leather Bag, $299 (down from $458).

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Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

They should ring bells in the street for this! I love an Anthropolgie sale.
Thanks for the eye-opener


Southern Aspirations said...

Great selection! Love Anthro= and you're right. Somehow they pull off fun and funky in a classic way. I still can't believe I hardly ever go into the store- when we have 2 here in ATL!

ticklishfromadistance said...

Oh my. That bag is so yummy.

Averill said...

ack! I adore Anthro -- thanks for the tip (I'm heading over to the website now...).

Style Redux 2 said...

Oh happiness!


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