Carolina Herrera

Incredible Carolina Herrera sale at Gilt Group! Go now! Because I'm sure you need a new ball gown just as much as I do (not that I have anywhere to wear it just now, but the Season will be here soon!).
My absolute favorite of the bunch. Stunning pattern!

Lavender = very popular this winter.

No, it's not a winter pattern, but I'm a big believer in florals all year round - just pair it with a little black velvet bolero and some serious accessories. You can wear it right into fall.

Isn't this pose completely Madame X?

Slip on something geometric for cocktail hour.

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

A little extra Carolina Herrera never hurt anybody - I may have to clean my toilet in it, buy at least I'll look swanky!

Averill said...

Love them all, but that floral ballgown is my favorite. Gilt is SUCH a horrible temptress. When I first discovered it a year and a half ago I made some serious dents into my credit card limit. Now, I try to ration myself.

Beth Connolly said...

So feminine.

Unknown said...

really agree with you about florals that can be worn all year round. love CH.

Christina said...

gilt gets me every time. now i just need a fancy date of some sort to wear something so pretty!

Molly said...

love the lavender & black one!


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