Your Dream Home

So much time (and money) is spent on achieving our dream homes. Oh, the details! Floor plans, contractors, wainscoting, molding, landscaping, flooring, windows, electrical... it's all so complicated. 

But you've already had your dream home, once. Remember? You were probably 5 or 6, the house was probably cardboard. Maybe plastic. It was actually the size of an upright piano, but to you, it was a castle, a fort, the entrance to adventure. 

That's what this house reminds me of; Javier Mariscal's cardboard home design at the Design Museum comes ready made for adventure (and there's plenty of room for stickers and coloring!). Perfect for another generation of dream castles.


annechovie said...

I used to have a little cardboard house like the one pictured. Thanks for your sweet comment - you are always so supportive!

Kitty said...

my cardboard house was actually a burger king, complete with ketchup packets, napkins and funny little hats. my uncle owned a few of the restaurants, and got it for me from their corporate. your post made me smile and remember that fun christmas!

Averill said...

Perfect. I would have LOVED that as a kid! Of course, mine would have been absolutely covered in stickers, glitter, and a helluva lot of pink! ;)


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