Tees, Jewels Included

One trend that I come back to, year after year, is the crew-neck and big jewels look. It's been done numerous times in the last few years:  Oscar de la Renta made it a feature in 2007 with simple sweaters heavily beaded at the neck, and Vera Wang's collar-like tulle and gem necklaces just keep getting bigger (they should come with Advil for neck strain). The combo of simple with sweet - plain 'ol sweater or tee with heavy stones - is easy to do and makes a statement. Best of all? It can take you from morning brunch paired with jeans, or out for cocktails with a swishy skirt.

This fall, J.Crew is even taking out the challenge of choice. These fun tops come with jewels included!! P.S. Two of the shirts are $50 or less - an economical choice, considering most J.Crew jewelry starts at that price.

All images, J.Crew.


Beth Connolly said...

Love J.Crew, love these.

ticklishfromadistance said...

The Fall catalog may be my favorite ever. I actually carry it around with me.

Sarah Klassen said...

So pretty -- the first is my favorite!

Christina said...

i love the idea but i abuse my t's so badly i'd end up cutting of the jewels and sewing it on another t.

Daniella said...

J.Crew is heaven on earth... wish it was here in Canada so I didn't have to order online so much, shipping is killing me, lol.


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