Mad Men (And the Couches They Sit On)

Let's start off with true confessions: I have only seen one episode of Mad Men, and by "seen" I mean that I was in the same room as the television playing it. Sorry. Lot'a life to live. But this article on Double X made me reconsider - perhaps I should be watching the show, not as a SHOW, but as a live-feed, Emmy winning, highly dramatic version of House Beautiful. Worth a shot.

Mid-century modern. Hmm. I guess faux wood paneling isn't ALWAYS an executable offense.

Anyway, in the article, "Fainting Couch For Best Supporting Actor," Kate Bolick analyzes the styles of the various rooms and homes and declares them authentic. Authentic not just to the time, but to the individual psychology of the characters who inhabit them. Set designer Amy Wells weighs in on her design choices, and reminds us: "labels were all-important then." Guess times haven't changed!

FABULOUS zebra walls. Chocolate brown zebra walls.

Great hair. And the decor is so Draper (Dorothy Draper, that is).

Geometric patterns and a hint of chinoiserie hovering in the background.

No hints here. Full-on chinoiserie danish modern white men.

And finally (because why should imaginary people have all the fun?) here's where to buy some Mad Men goods. Just don't start wearing pantyhose and drinking 12-martini lunches.

The Club Furniture Mad Men bed.

Here's the CB2 Mad Men couch (not sure if it's still available). But I say thumbs down anyway. The only thing I despise more than burgundy is stripes of it. With GRAY? No thanks.

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