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One of the most exciting websites in the world for an historian-turned-house-shopper is Historic Properties. They feature homes from across the country, some older than the country. The cut-off year is 1957, so don't bother with visiting if you're one of those people who adores their maintenance-free condo. The finds are amazing (and the prices can be too). I once discovered an entire Founding-Fathers era Virginia PLANTATION for sale (we're talking redcoats wandering the pastures here). With several thousand acres, a horse barn, and an elegantly rotted main house with woodwork dating back to the 1700s, the price to renovate would have been ruinious, but I still dream about it.

Anyway, it's not all hard work. Most of the homes are in fabulous condition,
like this 1820 lemon-yellow colonial, off Long Island Sound, with all the trimmings...

...including a private dock and this fabulous view. $995,000.

Here's a Georgian Federal, in Milledgeville, GA, circa 1822. It's so special it even has a (unpronouncable) name: The Williams-Orme-Crawford-Sallee House.

The entry hall - look at the stair and woodwork. So much could be done with this place!
The house has been in the same family since 1836, and it is in stunning condition. And - STEAL ALERT! - it's only $365,000! (To see more of the gorgeous homes in historic Milledgeville, click here.)

Moving from colonial to antebellum, here's a gorgeous 1837 home that was featured in the magazines Antiques and Southern Living, and also on HGTV! (Not hard to see why.)

The interiors are stunning. Located in Columbus, MS, it's on the block for $1,125,000.

Finally, a darling gingerbread Victorian (Victorians are like cakes: the more icing the better) in New Haven, CT. Built in 1869, this home also comes with it's own title: the Herbert Barnes House (feel free to tack your own name on the end!). $525,000.

All images, Historic Properties.


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