Boots and Bayous

Ah, Monday. It's already over, and I'm behind! I've just returned from a trip - in the last five days I've been in four States, two Louisiana plantation homes, and one fabulous French Quarter restaurant. More on gorgeous Southern architecture and food tomorrow! And, I'm the honored recipient of two different blog awards (humble thanks to Averill of Odi et Amo and Sarah Klassen of Haute Design!); I'll have more on that this week. In the meantime: I owe you a post!

So I'll leave you with this: boots. Boots? I've just spent days in steaming bayous and Gulf Coast breezes, and I'm thinking about boots. Call it fall spirit, or the efficacy of advertising (every other ad is for pumpkinspice lattes, pumpkin colored corduroys, or actual pumpkins...). These darling boots are from Chadwicks, for an even more darling price of $119. And the green and coffee pair would look great with those pumpkin cords.



Averill said...

Just browsed through Nordstrom's fall catalogue and I've got boots on the brain, too -- and it's still 85 degrees here!

Maybe just booties then?

ticklishfromadistance said...

Hhahaahaha! I know. It is warm here, still really flip-flop wather, but my feet are screaming boots! Just a few more weeks.

Ingrid Mida said...

What fabulous boots! I'm not sure it is a good thing that it is already cold enough to wear them in Toronto....

Southern Aspirations said...

Fantastic boots! Our dreary weather now in Atlanta makes them more justifiable (though it's still pretty warm!)

Welcome back! Sounds like a delightful trip!

studioJudith said...

I always look forward to
Pumpkins on the Brain .. . and my fav is a local bakery who does luscious pumpkin cookies.
Wish I could send you one to try!

Beth Connolly said...

Welcome back!


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