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Big thanks to Averill over at lovely blog Odi et Amo for passing along to me the "Honest Scrap" award. Be sure to check out her recent post on beautiful shades of blue. Now, as part of the award I share "10 honest things" (although, I must say, it would be far more entertaining for my readers if I shared 10 DIShonest things) and pass it along to 7 others. So without further ado...
7 Blogs to whom I would like to pass along this award (and apologies for any duplication - I've been traveling and out of the loop. Just consider it extra blog love!). Here we go:
Sarah of Haute Design
Christina of Down and Out Chic
Anne at Annechovie
Beth at Style Redux

And 10 things. These are going to be 10 STYLE truths about me!

1. I can't wear full-on pink. I can't. I try. It's not my fault! and 2. no cable knit either. Cable knit makes me look like a confused walrus.

3. My secret passion is IKAT. I don't care if it's in style out of style or THE style - it's always gorgeous. Here's a beautiful example from good old Domino.

4. I believe that the originator of the trend in trapeze tops should be prosecuted for crimes against women.

5. I love bamboo furniture, bamboo cutlery, bamboo paintings... it's all wonderful! Kate Spade Pompano Point China.

6. But I detest bamboo floors. Yes, they look very nice, and they are currently the toast of HGTV and Lowe's sales people in their nice smocks, but they can't handle women's heels (pock marks). Floors that don't go with my shoes? No thanks.

7. and 8. My favorite fall trends are BIG jewels and BRIGHT colors. And Anthropologie has both!

9. IKEA is my favorite discount spot. Dishes for $2 and slipcovers for $150. Sure, it may not be around for your grandkids - but it will look great in the meantime!

10. White is my favorite non-color. I can't get enough of it, and "white out" is my biggest risk when decorating. But it goes with everything!
Images: 1. and 2. pink tartan at 3. 5. 7. and 8. 10.


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