Black Market

White House Black Market is one of those ubiquotous mall stores I always end up in after three lattes and a fruitless pass through Saks. Walk in, do a 180, walk out. Just a little check up, in case they went from boring to fabulous when I wasn't looking. After all, WHBM is a bit like Ann Taylor in grayscale, and for someone who lives (and dresses) in technicolor, it's not a natural match.

But. I may have been wrong (not REALLY wrong - just - a smidgen. A pinch. A teeny wheeny bit). Cruising through the other day, I found a lot of bland prints, polyester, and ribbons - and these fabulous finds. Check it out!

Wearing a white coat in winter is like skydiving in a ball gown: not recommended. But I'm really tempted to try. Maybe if I wrapped up head to toe in cellophane, a la Fried Green Tomatoes, I could spare this snow queen coat from the stains sure to come. Napoleonic Collar Topper, $198.

A little hair jewelry, just in time for the holidays. Would look great with an LBD and diamond chandeliers. Embellished Feather Pin, $30.

This intrigued me. A touch 1950s Dior, no? Work those clavicles. Blanket Wrap Coat, $188.

Warning! (Avertissement! Achtung!): Do NOT follow the webpage instructions to "pair [these heels] with the snow leopard bag and belt for a kittenish look." One dead animal accessory at a time, please. Snow Leopard Pump, $98.

Isn't this pretty? A little gilded sweater for the holidays, with a ballerina flair. Note the net at the neckline. Silk Beaded Cardigan, $98.
All images, White House Black Market.


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