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White House Black Market is one of those ubiquotous mall stores I always end up in after three lattes and a fruitless pass through Saks. Walk in, do a 180, walk out. Just a little check up, in case they went from boring to fabulous when I wasn't looking. After all, WHBM is a bit like Ann Taylor in grayscale, and for someone who lives (and dresses) in technicolor, it's not a natural match.

But. I may have been wrong (not REALLY wrong - just - a smidgen. A pinch. A teeny wheeny bit). Cruising through the other day, I found a lot of bland prints, polyester, and ribbons - and these fabulous finds. Check it out!

Wearing a white coat in winter is like skydiving in a ball gown: not recommended. But I'm really tempted to try. Maybe if I wrapped up head to toe in cellophane, a la Fried Green Tomatoes, I could spare this snow queen coat from the stains sure to come. Napoleonic Collar Topper, $198.

A little hair jewelry, just in time for the holidays. Would look great with an LBD and diamond chandeliers. Embellished Feather Pin, $30.

This intrigued me. A touch 1950s Dior, no? Work those clavicles. Blanket Wrap Coat, $188.

Warning! (Avertissement! Achtung!): Do NOT follow the webpage instructions to "pair [these heels] with the snow leopard bag and belt for a kittenish look." One dead animal accessory at a time, please. Snow Leopard Pump, $98.

Isn't this pretty? A little gilded sweater for the holidays, with a ballerina flair. Note the net at the neckline. Silk Beaded Cardigan, $98.
All images, White House Black Market.


Southern Aspirations said...

you totally crack me up with your WHBM slant... simple color pallette, but I admit I like several things I've seen there... but of course, I can and do throw a Lilly in whenever I need color (or prep).

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Well...I have not even thought of stepping into this store since my Dallas Fashion Incident. If you want to know what I'm referring to read this post! Janell

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Loving that white coat! I've never been in one of their shops, but now you've got me curious. Off to the site now! thanks!

Sanity Fair said...

Janell, I read it - SO wrong and so funny! That's my favorite thing about vintage: you're safe!

Renée Finberg said...

i don't know why i don't shop there.
i always buy black & white.
then i accessorize w color.


Averill said...

Love the white coat and sequined sweater. Honestly I never shop at WHBM either (probably because I too am naturally drawn to color and they, quite obviously, don't sell any), but I may have to suck it up and go in for a browse anyway.

Christina said...

this is so funny b/c i had it on my list of things to do to check out what was new with this very shop. now i know and i like what i see (particularly the hair piece).

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my! That white coat is amazing!


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