HUE: Decorating With Color

In the design world, Kelly Wearstler is as divisive as Lady Gaga's costume choices are for the fashion set. So if you're a nay skip on down to the next post. If you're a yay, feast your eyes! Thanks to's nifty book preview gadget, here are excerpts from Wearstler's upcoming book, and Hue is certainly the obvious title for this tome. It could also be called brave: this woman is NOT afraid of color. She has cornered color, beat it up, and sentenced it to 20 years. Pattern will soon follow.

Kelly Wearstler is armed with Birds of Paradise, concrete shells, and peach sofas - and she is here to conquer.

Some of my favorite scenes from Wearstler's first book, Modern Glamor, are of her shopping in to the trade only stores. The goods are mouth-watering - just like these trims below.

Mellow yellow, canary yellow, sunny yellow, I love all yellow. Notice the interesting effect on the walls - can't tell from the pic, but it's obviously a wallpaper or leather. The bed is faintly chinoiserie, and the central light is faintly mushroom.

Kelly Wearstler is Palm Beach on speed.

Her influences are truly global (her second home, featured in Domicilium Decoratus, includes numerous exotic pieces from Eastern and Central Asia). Here the fabric is a lovely Indian ikat, and the teapot evokes India with a burnished glaze and lotus adornment. Lovely, soft shades.

And sometimes, you just wonder what's going on. Sitting in hands? My issue is with that cottage lattice window - it's fighting the room. If you're going to spend a billion dollars on antiques, get new windows! But maybe the windows go better with the outside of the house? Get a new house!! You have a billion dollars, after all.

On the other hand... (ha ha), this looks normal. As normal as Wearstler gets! Love the layering with different shades and textures in orange.
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Oh Gawd- in the 2nd to last image-are those Mammy dolls? I'm pretty sure they are. Wow. Kelly is something else.

Love her something fierce, but I'm not trying that one at home.

Beth Connolly said...

You must be excited-I know you are a big fan.

Sanity Fair said...

Claire, I'm not sure what those are - they look male, actually. There were certainly other options to choose!

Sanity Fair said...

Beth, that's very diplomatic of you :) Yep, I am excited.

Averill said...

Kelly is definitely a bit too "out there" for me sometimes, but there's no denying she's a huge trendsetter in the industry and she has moments of sheer, unadulterated genius.

...So I suppose that means that I may have preordered this book, too. :)

Happy weekend, Skyla!

Kitty said...

i learn so much from you design bloggers, and i think kelly has def gained a new fan this afternoon. i love the hand chairs!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

The woman takes one step out in front of everyone else. She is quite talented and hardworking. Can't wait to see the book.

Unknown said...

I've got an open mind but all I can say is - I just don't get it???

Christina said...

i ADORE all of the color and I ADORE anyone who's brave enough to battle with it. i need this book. thank you for the head's up.


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