Kreativ Blogger Award

Many thanks to Sarah Klassen at exquisitely beautiful blog, Haute Design, for the KreativBlogger award!

SO... I'd like to thank Sarah, the Academy, my producer, my acting coach, my stylist, my choreographer, the technician that turns my terrible voice into something halfway plausible, and of course, Oscar de la Renta, who designed the haute couture, one-of-a-kind gown I'm wearing (this is a dream of course).

Here's my lovely gown. I look fabulous, but I'm apparently Spanish, and I forgot to put on a slip this morning. Anywho.
The conditions of the award are that I a) tell you 7 things about me, and b) nominate 7 others for the award. And now (envelope please), the Kreativ Blogger awards go to...

Please visit ALL of these fabulous blogs - you'll be glad you did!

Now, the really hard part (picking fabulous bloggers was easy). 7 things folks may not know about me...

1. I'm addicted to all things cinnamon. For instance: I hate brushing my teeth (just like a little kid) but give me some cinnamon toothpaste and I'm a happy camper. I like cinnamon on my lattes, in my hot chocolate, sprinkled on some yogurt... . For me, it's the salt of sweet stuff.
2. I'm a compulsive picture straightener. It's genetic. My mom straightens pictures wherever she goes, and I likewise can't resist a good nudge to any wayward frame. No place and no person is immune. My friend's paintings get straightened as much as my dentist's.
3. Chinoiserie is my favorite style of decorating. I love Asian influence, and I grew up in a house stuffed with Asian antiques and books like "Japanese Stone Gardens" (not normal in the deep South).
4. I believe that Thomas Kinkade is a terrible person who should be prosecuted for crimes against taste. Kinkade's "art" (oh, how loathe I am to put those two words in the same sentence!) is as uninspired as a velvet Elvis painting and as common as the shopping cart. He has been terrorizing the good people of this country for too long with his pastel monstrosities: saccharine cottages, bizarre land-locked lighthouses, idiotic babbling brooks, and flowers in colors not occurring in nature. And his terror is spreading to every home in the land. If you can't afford thousands of dollars for one of his "exclusive" syndicated, copyright protected, fully licensed prints, you can still wallow in Kinkadia - throws, calendars, porcelain lighthouses, coasters, night lights, CDs, commemorative books, and pillows. What's next? Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Cheerful Cottage Toilet Paper dispensers? Probably. There will be no picture for this entry.
5. The best cup of tea I've ever had was at the Old Parsonage in Oxford, on Banbury Street (Oxford, UK, for those of you in MS). They make their own exclusive brew, and it's heaven.
6. I despise grocery stores so much it's practically a phobia (Groceriophobia?). If I am ever kidnapped by terrorists, the best place for them to interrogate me would be the produce aisle. For some reason, I can't stand shopping for food, and I very much dislike cooking (but I have absolutely nothing against eating). Oh, and take note National Association of Grocers: it is always FREEZING in your stores. I do not shop in a parka in July, thank you very much.
7. FINALLY... I love blogging. I started this blog (for keeps) just this year, and after many months, much to my surprise, I'm still at it. I never expected all the good things that have come with blogging - meeting amazing people (both online and in person) and finding a world of beauty and style. Blogland is like an IV drip for inspiration. I also never expected the kind souls who leave comments, email me, or stop me in the street to say - YOU inspire ME! So I just want to say: Thank You!!!
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