Kelly Wearstler Wants to Dress YOU. And Your Napkins.

She designs! She decorates! She holds plates!

You knew it was coming!!! Wearstler wears couture, hosts on TV, and is a celebrity herself - time for a fashion line! A recent New Yorker article quoted KW announcing plans for a jewerly line with tassels and upholstry stud inspiration - and eventually, clothes. Now, I'm not a big one for celebrity collections, but this isn't exactly like Jessica Simpson thinking her inability to sing also guarantees an inability to design well. Oh wait - that's true. Anyway, Wearstler knows textiles, color, and form. We're predicting this will be worth watching (for entertainment value alone, if her Top Design costumes are any indicator).

While we wait for her line of beehive hats and crazy big ball gowns, we can feast our eyes on her napkin rings, which are INSPIRED by her jewelry. And speculate. Hmmm...

Look! Cuffs! On napkins!

Big earrings? Boleros? Unsure. But it does look like jewelry.

Or wire...

And here's some ideas for what her jewelry COULD look like. Tassel necklace from J.Crew.

Some style'n decorative upholstery nailheads - great jewelry inspiration. I really like number 3. Kelly, are you listening?

Or here's an idea: make FURNITURE inspired by jewelry. How about a piano with diamond studs? Too Liberace?
Ummm... no.

Will you be wearing Kelly green?
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little augury said...

It will be interesting to see what evolves. Her design work is so copied now and to a point where the KW Look is cheapened. A triumph & a tragedy for her as a designer. Really great fabrics- this will further blur the line between fashion and interior design.KW is most definitely the best(probably the only Visible female designer with actual Style-Oh I will get called out for that!),In fact her fashion sense may override her design talents(yet again-a rapping on the knuckles for me!) Great post.G

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

I'll follow Kelly wherever she goes.!

Bromeliad said...

Somebody should make a Kelly Wearstler doll. It would totally beat Barbie and her dream house.

Sanity Fair said...

Little Augury - agreed! I am frequently berated for my KW love :) But she's certainly more fashion-involved than a lot of other interior designers. I'm excited (and occasionally shocked) by what she wears, but always interested. And - I can picture a "mini" trellis print on a summer cotton skirt, a la Lilly Pulitzer!!

Sanity Fair said...

Bromeliad - she sure would. Can you imagine a doll house with semi-precious stone bathroom walls, mini gold trees, and asian warrior heads everywhere - awesome. And probably a millions dollars :)

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Yes, she is just too fabulous...and gorgeous and talented. Oh, I'm just going to stop there before I feel ill!

Had no idea fashion was in the works, this will be interesting. Glad I found your blog (via your comment on mine). Off to take a look around and became a follower, if you accept those!


Sanity Fair said...

Thanks for visiting Janell - always welcome another Kelly fan :)

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Oh I like it all! She has such unbelievable style.

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Thanks for stopping by JourneyChic! I love those wire napkin holders, although I hate Kelly just a little bit - gorgeous+talented+well-dressed = kelly green with envy! :-)

lucy@fourwallsandaroof said...

This is great! I love KW and am thrilled to hear she will have a line of clothes. I just hope it's more affordable/accessible than the interiors products.

Averill said...

I'm not a huge fan of Kelly's design or fashion sense (I know, its probably blasphemous for me to say that but it's true!), but I will admit to enjoy watching her closely to see what she comes up with.

Maybe she'll follow in J.Simp's footsteps and start a line of crazy, crimped hair pieces?

Sanity Fair said...

Averill, lol - yes, it could happen. I L O V E Wearstler, but she is definitely not everyone's cup of tea! But I stand by my trellis skirt prediction - it could be great!

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