Saturday Sale: Iomoi

On the looooooong list of my aesthetic addictions is an entry titled "Notebooks, All Kinds." I've managed to reduce my piles of notebooks over the last year, through a combination of ruthless purging and attempting to run through the Barnes and Noble check-out section with eyes closed (not recommended. It's like an obstacle course with all those darn rotating bookmark kiosks). But... my heart still goes pitter patter when I see little paper books on sale. Click on over to Iomoi and check out their lovely selection of notebooks, most marked down to $5 - if you dare!



Averill said...

Aaaahhh too tempting! I too have issues now purchasing a million blank notebooks in assorted gorgeous prints (and those John Robshaw and Jonathan Adler notebooks from B&N are like sirens for me).

Sanity Fair said...

Averill - I know!! The Alder ones are impossible to escape!! And I've developed a real thing for the new brightly colored Moleskins that B&N always carries right up front. But it's justified because I really use them. MOST of them... :)

Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous! And I totally need a new sketchbook :)


Terra said...

We're so excited you love the imoi notebooks! We do too! If you ever want more information, please feel free to contact me at

Christina said...

oh i DARE to, going right now...


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