Plate Perfect: Setting the Table

First things (first): If you've noticed my online presence is a bit sparse this week, you aren't imagining things - it's been a hectic few days. But I promise I'll make it up to you with some GREAT posts planned for next week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the latest House Beautiful issue on white china. You know how much I love white - if I had my way, my home would look like it was decorated by polar bears in a blizzard eating vanilla snow cones. Anyway, HB asked 15 different "tastemakers" to come up with a fresh way of mixing white china in with other pieces. The results are as varied as the names, and certainly proof that you don't have to go all vanilla, ALL the time (even if you're me).

My very favorite: interior designer Martha Angus does classic chinoiserie paired with an (almost bare) plate. Rather than a highly decorated plate on a blank canvas, Angus twists the look around (and how fabulous is that chair?).

Paula Dean's look. I love (love!) the postage stamp design, and twining leaves (faintly reminiscent of Kate Spade's Primrose Hill pattern). She's kept the setting simple, but richly textured (note the placemat). The mint julep cup and other layered silvers are a perfect compliment.

One guess where this design is from. Palm Beach! Writer Victoria Amory embraces the sunny South and balances a complex pattern with uniform color. The china is anything but boring though - note that the only standard shaped item is the charger plate.

Last (but most assuredly not least) marvelous designer Miles Redd. He deftly uses white as his accent, not his base, to create this eclectic and colorful look. And he's not above a good deal either. The tablecloth? Urban Outfitters.
With all those holidays coming up (oh, so quickly), I hope this inspires you with some new uses for your old china. Don't be afraid to mix up different china patterns, or even combine the good stuff with something fun found at Anthropologie or a tag sale. You'll appreciate your classic pieces in a new way - not to mention impressing the guests. Happy place setting!
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Southern Aspirations said...

Love these! I struggle with the tablescapes... could never join Nap on the Porch's blog party. :-) Faves are Paula's and Victoria's. Mint Julep cups-- always appropriate! And the blue and white... ahhh!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Martha Angus!Love that setting-DDS did an indepth post on her-she is a devotee of Pauline de Rothschild-who continues to fascinate-me,at least. Obvious that real success here with whites is the Angus,Redd motto-Color is key! Great post and look forward to more of the good stuff! G.

annechovie said...

I guess we are all pressed for time lately! Thanks as always for your sweet comment and for stopping by. Love the Angus setting! Have a terrific weekend. xx

Theresa Cheek said...

Love the Martha Angus twist. It does make more sense to give the tablecloth the most attention since the plate design would be obscured with food. I do love Miles Redd mix of pattern and color. Great post!

Kitty said...

devouring all the chinoiserie


My house would also look like a polar bear decorated it if I let myself! Almost all of my china is white so I'm loving this feature. The first one may be my favorite. Have a good weekend, my dear.

Sarah Klassen said...

This is too funny -- third image down, the plates with woven details -- I have them! But, I purchased them in a sqaure shape with coordination, simplified ruffled dinner plates.

Beautiful settings + post, as, I'm thinking of all kinds of ideas :)


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