The Well-Dressed Home

These days, the line between fashion and decor is increasingly blurred. Designer super stars like Kelly Wearstler are working on clothing and jewelry lines in addition to their own fabrics, furniture, and home accessories, while the fashion set moves into homeware: think Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, or Ralph Lauren (is there a Chanel sofa in my future, Karl?). It's a natural migration: interior design is decorating one's environment; fashion is decorating one's self. Both are intensley personal, and both are forms of self-expression. Why not?

One of my favorite features in Domino (may it return again) was always their once-in-a-while "can this outfit be made into a room?" (in case you were in suspense, the answer was always yes). So I'm excited about Annette Tatum's new book, The Well-Dressed Home. Annette, who designs clothes, bedding, AND furniture is well-equipped to guide us out of the closet and down the hall to the living room.

Here, Annette translates the feminine delicacy of ballet - with it's soft colors, metallics, and gentle shapes - into a living room. Notice that the translation isn't literal: no toe shoes or pink ribbons (please!). It isn't even girly, just serene.

Home is also a great place to experiment with what you love but can't wear. I've never a met a pattern I didn't like, but sadly, patterns are not always so social on the body. They might mock your hip size, or exaggerate the width of your shoulders. But patterns with attitude issues play nicely at home: who cares if your throw pillow looks fat? Decor is a great place to mix with looks you like but can't live in. I couldn't wear this skirt - but my windows sure can.
Domino inspiration, June of 2008. Courtesy of Scout Holiday.

Inspirations don't have to be serious. Here's another Domino design, this one loosly based around a yellow rain slicker, May 2006.
Yellow "Elizabeth" raincoat by London Fog.

Last look: bohemian meets contemporary. Grey, fur, rich browns, and metallic details all make an appearance in this living room. The aubergine translates as a great accessory color in both.
Do you have an outfit that inspired a room?

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Unknown said...

All quite beautiful!
thank you...
Love the way you have pulled it all together....smiles.

Gypsy Purple said...

Fabulous post--enjoyed it!

Southern Aspirations said...

I LOVE these! I really enjoy the idea of a "well dressed home" and I agree how similar fashion and home decor can be.

Great post!

Beth Connolly said...

Love that the cover is Chinoiserie-the wallpaper is Osborne & Little Summer Palace.

Averill said...

I don't, but I certainly have some pieces that could/should!

And you're bang on about patterns. I'm still a bit sad that I'm far too wide to don horizontal stripes and be considered gamine, but I'm pretty sure my house could use a dose of gallic chic!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Great post...lots to think about. We have quite a few artifacts from the South Pacific that we have collected over the years. Lots of earthy tones and I have to say I gravitate towards the same in clothes and jewelry. Something to think about..thanks!

Christina said...

all of these are inspirational. i don't have an outfit that inspired a room, but i do like the idea of layering textures and patterns in a room, much like you would layer a warm outfit.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I got a great block skirt from calypso last fall with browns and oranges in it and even though I haven't done a room like it yet I am definitely inspired by it.

lucy@fourwallsandaroof said...

I love all these looks. I don't have an outfit that inspired a room, but I do have a top I bought because the fabric is so beautiful, even though the style doesn't suit me. I keep intending to turn it into a pillow one day!


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