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I'm traveling AGAIN this week (apologies, neglected blog friends, for missing your beautiful posts!). But I did want to provide an official report on the pre-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, post-holiday-awareness attire front. The thing to wear right now is shine, not sparkles (save that for midnight on November 30th, at least). Also, there will be plenty of opportunities later for the physical discomfort only stunning little nothings worn to multiple parties in sub zero weather can bring (curse you, fashion!) - all while balanced on razor thin stilettos. Better soak up some cozy while you can. And cheaply. Here are choices that will keep your wallet feeling warm. All from Old Navy.

The stylish girl's "I had no time to do my hair" alternative. Isn't this too cute? But the price is just darling at $6.50!

A nice look, and the soft sides hold more than a few atoms. No, you won't pass it on to your granddaughters. But it's $16.50. Who cares?

Gold Old Navy "uggs." The original was called Ugg because that's the sound you make when you see them. But I've tried these on (front line reporting!) and they're COMFY. $29.50.

The wide, bracelet length sleeves on this jacket are slightly reminiscent of a certain Kate Spade coat that still has my heart. Absolutely darling with jeans, heels, and a ginormous necklace (just make sure your gloves are long - no cold wrists here!). Price: $69.50. Frankly, I think that's much too much for Old Navy. But don't worry - it'll go on sale. :)

The best. coat. ever.
All Old Navy images, oldnavy.com. KS coat, blog.highfashionhome.com.


studioJudith said...

Gold Old Navy Uggs... .
must give these a look!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Thanks for doing my shopping homework for me!

Averill said...

That yellow coat is to die for. I can't believe it's Old Navy.

...And when did Old Navy get more stylish than BR? I haven't liked anything from BR is AGES.

Beth Connolly said...

Averill-That's because the yellow coat is Kate Spade.

Christina said...

well, looks like i need to head off to old navy to pick up that headband. it's too cute not to.

Sarah Klassen said...

I am shocked! That coat is so lovely...must pop in and take a look.


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