Deck the Walls

I really love framing things - one of my favorite looks is a jumble of prints, notes, pictures, paintings, and Misc., all framed together.
And while thinking about framing some pictures this week, it occurred to me, why not do Christmas frames? If you have a wall of pictures like this (or even a small collection), how simple it would be to take down a few pictures and replace them with Christmas-themed pieces. The effect would be congruent, subtly festive, and as easy as store-bought pie (not that we ever get that at my house). At the end of the season, replace the old pictures, and store the Christmas ones away until next year. Here are some fun ways I thought of to pull this off:

I love the idea of framing Christmas cards because it's so multi-functional. Do something with all those cards in the mail (even better, the ones you've been squirreling away because they were pretty) and make them into decor. Or, if your mail isn't stylish enough, buy a beautiful card yourself. Absolutely first on the list would be this charming design by Anne Harwell
There are so many pretty wrapping paper patterns out these days, I always have an urge to frame them. But they tend to be shiny (all kinds) and rather thin (cheap kinds). Either way, they're difficult to use in frames. The solution is scrapbooking paper (just as long as your frame is under 12x12). You can do a collage of framed paper patterns - and the look is so festive!
Two GORGEOUS paper collections, above, by Anna Griffin, available here.
A "sampling" of the scrapbook/wallpaper look. You could also do abstract patterns with no relation to Christmas, but in red and green - just for a chic holiday touch.
A smaller vingette with framed paper. This would make a lovely addition to a side table or bureau with Christmas paper in it - and a sprig of holly beside. Courtesy, StyleCourt.
Festive frames - take your favorite pictures and jazz them up a bit for the holidays in colorful frames. They'll look fresh, new, and completely Christmas. Beautiful grosgrains ribbon trim frames with monogramming from Pottery Barn.
Finally, if you want to be more DIY than snipping your Christmas patterned paper into the right frame size, here is a really fun tutorial from PointClickHome on silver-leafing your own frame.
I hope these ideas help you bring some Christmas cheer into your home this season!
Images (with no attribution above): Room1, Room 2, Room 3,


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