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On the lookout for better things, by Rodney Smith.

It's been a rough week here at Sanity Fair. My beloved Mac is in the shop, and I am attempting to EDIT ON A PC. For those of you unfamiliar with the great Mac/PC divide, I find this experience slightly less discombobulating than drawing pictures with a pencil between my toes. To make matters worse, I have file folders brimfull of gorgeous Christmas things I'd love to share with you. Keeping all this holiday fun to myself is akin to eating up an entire pecan pie without giving any to anybody else. I have style tummy ache.

But, the weekend is coming, and we soldier on. What'll I be doing, when not haunting the corner where my laptop normally sits, attempting to play itunes and watch hulu in thin air? Christmas decorating, some last minute gift getting (and wrapping), and enjoying my latest exciting discovery: a local radio station that plays 24-7 Christmas music. :)
xoxo Sanity Fair


Christina said...

oh no! i'm sorry it's been a rough one for you and the computer. your style tummy ache did make me laugh though!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

can never go back to PC land, sorry for your computer woes!

Southern Aspirations said...

I am still "learning" my Mac. But I am a Finance geek and know the PC well! (until Microsoft jacked up Excel with its 2007 version). I digress.

Sorry about your Mac issues and hope that it recovers shortly! But yay for Christmas projects and 24/7 Christmas music!

studioJudith said...

This Mac girl feels your pain!
Trying to acclimate to a PC is like driving a Ford, when been accustomed to a Bentley ... .


Sarah Klassen said...

Oh dear me! I sympathize with your situation -- it's like missing your little buddy. I cannot live without my Mac, or any Mac for that matter!!

I cannot wait to see what's in store...

Have a great weekend, Skyla :)

Sarah Klassen said...

p.s love the comments above, fellow Mac fans :)

Anonymous said...
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Kitty said...

defcon 4 without my Mac - sorry for your troubles, thanks for reminding me to back up right now! xo kitty

Greet Lefèvre said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2010! I hope you will have your computer back the next year!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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