White Christmas

We're baaaaaack! Daily (literally, daily) frantic calls to the Mac store and several harried technicians later, I once again have my magic box back safe and sound. It occurred to me that any object which causes me to feel pangs of separation akin to lost love ought to have a name. Suggestions? She's a white Macbook. Her favorite color is grass green (currently clad in a green tinted protective case). Favorite design style: chinoiserie. Favorite art form: ballet (wallpaper is NYC Ballet's Nutcracker). Hobbies: surfing design blogs, sitting at Starbucks, shopping at and Gilt Group.

More Christmas fun to come!
xoxo Sanity Fair


Averill said...

Glad you're back safe and sound!

(And I love that wallpaper...)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

It is amazing to realize how much we depend on our computers once they are not functioning properly!
A bit frightening...

Kitty said...

I call my Mac the iKitty, naturally. Having her in the shop would be akin to severing one of my limbs! Hope you have a splendid Christmas and a rockin' New Year! xo kitty

Christina said...

yay, i'm glad she's well again!


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