Pretty in Pink

Cupcakes, baby clothes, cherry blossoms in spring - I love pink and white. It's a beautiful combination, and there's no reason to ignore it just because its Christmas!

Below, a montage of pastel ways to celebrate the season. From pink trees to pink flowers, there's no shortage of lovely ways to have a girly Christmas.
Credits: Room with pink chair, chandelier, table arrangement. Pink stockings room. Pink ball decorations. Pink room, top of page. Pink decor tree in dining room.
Lilly Pulitzer ornaments. Pink presents.


Greet Lefèvre said...

Beautiful!!!! I love the pink items here!

Jenna said...

I am in love with your blog! I read it every day :) I want to do all my Christmas decor in pink!
-Jenna Little

Sanity Fair said...

Thanks Jenna! :) I normally am not one to use a lot of pink, but I LOVE the pink/white/silver look. It's surprisingly festive!

Kitty said...

I gasped when I saw the opening picture, but I died when I saw the white tulips in the silver piece with glass ornaments...I just died! Thanks for that! xo kitty

Southern Aspirations said...

oh fantastic finds! This pink is surprisingly festive- and what a way to bring in some preppy pink and green (LOVED the LIlly ornaments). Great examples- makes me want to start my holiday gear from scratch!

Beth Connolly said...

Lovely ideas.

Christina said...

if b wouldn't roll his eyes everytime i suggested something pink, i'd be more apt to decorate with it! it think it's lovely.


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