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Here at Sanity Fair, we prefer to talk about things we know something about, not things we know nothing about, and would probably break - a category that includes cars, computers, televisions, and anything with batteries. But what I do love is anything pretty and personalized for my laptop, from desktop to wallpaper, so I got kind of excited when a tech-saavy friend talked me into trying Google Chrome. It's supposed to do, oh, a lot of stuff, none of which I understand. All I know is this: IT PATTERNS MY SCREEN WITH DESIGNER TOGS. Right now, I'm typing away under a banner of Tory Burch orange and pink. Maybe tomorrow I'll try some Lilly Pulitzer print (if it's a grey day especially). Ta da!
Other designs available include Jonathan Adler, Matthew Williamson, Delft (the famous Dutch porcelain), Kate Spade, Todd Oldham, Vivienne Westwood, Charlotte Ronson, and Oscar de la Renta!
For a real article about technical stuff Chrome actually does, instead of just what it looks like, visit here
All images, Google Chrome.


studioJudith said...

Couldn't live without Google Chrome!
It really does allow one to change ones' desktop world at whim. I'm also big on changing my background photo.
This week I'm up to my ears in the sumptuous reds and gold of the matadors jacket-as-sculpture from
the Gramercy Park Hotel.

I'm thinking I'll need a beach soon .....


Averill said...

I've got DVF's version up!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I am with you regarding the tech stuff! I find it a challenge to keep up with it all...Janell

Southern Aspirations said...

Sadly, I did not see all of the pictures (perhaps because I need to upgrade to google chrome. haha!) But, just the idea and the few I saw-- Love it!

Christina said...

wow, i'm going to need to look into this (i'm a firefox girl) but i really don't any have loyalty so i'm going to try it!

Samantha said...

Love your take on technology.


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