John Galliano’s Marie Antoinette Inspired Collection for Spring 2010

Marie Antoinette
As promised, I am thrilled to bring you a very special guest post today from talented artist and style savant Ingrid Mida. Ingrid's repertoire, which includes beautiful, fashion-inspired artwork and photography (be sure to visit her online gallery), is regularly exhibited in Toronto, and she brings a wonderful historical sensibility to each creation. She is particularly inspired by Marie Antoinette, thus making her our ideal guide for this Dior collection. Enjoy!

"Marie Antoinette and the pre-revolutionary court of Versailles seem to be an ongoing source of inspiration for fashion designers, including the spring 2010 collection of John Galliano for Dior. Although the links to Marie Antoinette are more subtle than his “Masquerade and Bondage” collection of 2000, they are there nonetheless. The influence of Marie Antoinette on the Dior collection for winter is in evidence in the riding costumes, luxe hats atop frothy, pouffed hair styles and exaggerated hip lines.

The pouf hairstyle was a signature hairstyle for Marie Antoinette and much copied after she debuted it in 1774. Galliano brings the elevated hairstyle back in this collection to great effect!

During Marie Antoinette’s reign, extravagant hats often topped these towering pouf hairstyles. Similarly, Galliano adds frothy and luxe toppers to complete many of his over-the-top fabulous confections.

Perhaps most obvious is the influence of the riding costume on the Dior collection, especially as Galliano ended the show by appearing dressed in riding attire. 

The male-style fraque a bavaroise was popular for women in 1779 and had lasting impact on women’s fashionable attire. Galliano's interpretation of riding costume in the Dior winter collection is the height of elegance and chic!

Exaggerated hip lines somewhat reminiscent of panniers can be seen in several of the beautiful long evening gowns.
Marie Antoinette was the first fashion icon. She serves as a muse to many designers like Galliano and artists like myself. Please visit me at Fashion is my Muse to read more posts about her and visit my website to see artwork inspired by this period."

- Ingrid Mida

Images: Marie Antoinette and the Dior Collection.


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