It's been a long, monochromatic, monotonous winter:  grey and white and brown and black. In the darker months, nature's simple palette is austere, cool - and depressing. And I'm through! Time for blinding color, boggling patterns, drama, joie de vivre, Cali, Mexi, Medi, and anything bright! Substance and style - nothing urbane. Shrinking violets aren't our thing; peonies, roses, and sunflowers are. Statements are in. And of course, so is Kelly Wearstler. Show us how, Hollywood style!

Chrysanthemums:  bold color, edgy shape, and Asian influence.

A Parrot Tulip... delicate peaches and corals mingle with soft whites.

Bluebells, and cockleshells, and objets d'art all in a row!

Marigolds! Sunshine splashes in through the windows, and gilt glimmers from every surface.

Grass Green - fresh, cool, welcoming. Spring!


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