How many times have you visited the domicile of a woman you admired - stylish, coordinated, well put-together - and noticed that... well, her home wasn't so much. Or is that you? Perhaps the only thing your pals find more miraculous than your personal style is how you manage to achieve it in such uninspiring surroundings. Well, I'm not going to feel sorry for you. Not even for the time the UPS man took a look at your apartment and asked how you liked being in a new neighborhood - and you'd lived there two years. If you can match your shirt to your suit, or your heels to a dress, you can accessorize your home. Stop stalling. Start with something small like throw pillows! Don't try to do the whole room! Do you buy an entire year's wardrobe in one go, or do you develop it over time? 

You know what draws you. You know what you like. It's hanging in your closet right now. And if you're willing to wear it, you can probably live with it, too. Here are a few closet inspirations...

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Averill said...

Love the pillow/blouse pairings -- they're all spot on. My favorite though has to be the zig zags. The colors and pattern are such fun!

PS - It's crazy to me how much the whole fabric flower thing has come back -- it's like SATC all over again (though admittedly in softer colors).

Beach House Living said...

Any suggestions when your dearly beloved has a habit of bringing home things...

Southern Aspirations said...

I adore this. Love the blouse/pillow match up. You've got some GREAT options here!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I think I am kind of the opposite right now. House in order, closet not so much. Great new blog header by the way. Have the best weekend and great post.

Christy said...

What a fun post! I love your combinations! I just posted on my daughters spring wardrobe, and room recently - and if I were to compare them side by side, I would say yes, the clothes and the room match the girl!

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

what an amazing post! isn't that the truth? The wardrobe is so ho-hum right now as my only interaction is the USPS guy :(

Down and Out Chic said...

you make a fabulous point here. because of my lack of cash flow, i have to balance and constantly decide if i'd rather have a new dress or a new shower curtain. it's a constant battle. the great thing is you don't need a lot of money to add character to your home. i love that zebra cardigan by the way.

Bromeliad said...

Totally stuck on that white West Elm pillow. I'll take it as a pillow or a shirt.

Charissa said...

what a fantastic idea! and love the new blog look too!

Marija said...

Such pretty pairings - I am such a sucker for animal print in interiors though I don't typically wear it. Maybe I should reconsider - it clearly works in a refined little sweater like this one! Of course, I'll take the pillow, too :) Marija

Tracy @ ComfortandLuxury said...

See, I've been thinking about this too... only the other way around. My house is cute and colorful but my wardrobe (especially the shoes!) has gotten so boring and uninspired. I tried really hard to buy a pair of yellow shoes today but they didn't have my size. Pillows and accesssories are so much easier!
Thanks for your nice comment today!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Love this! The West Elm pillow and blouse are so pretty. Funny though, I would wear the blouse but wouldn't have the pillow - but only because my hubby would roll his eyes at having something so girly in the house! :)

Haven and Home said...

This is a fun post, it is funny how home and clothes trends mirror each other.

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