How many times have you visited the domicile of a woman you admired - stylish, coordinated, well put-together - and noticed that... well, her home wasn't so much. Or is that you? Perhaps the only thing your pals find more miraculous than your personal style is how you manage to achieve it in such uninspiring surroundings. Well, I'm not going to feel sorry for you. Not even for the time the UPS man took a look at your apartment and asked how you liked being in a new neighborhood - and you'd lived there two years. If you can match your shirt to your suit, or your heels to a dress, you can accessorize your home. Stop stalling. Start with something small like throw pillows! Don't try to do the whole room! Do you buy an entire year's wardrobe in one go, or do you develop it over time? 

You know what draws you. You know what you like. It's hanging in your closet right now. And if you're willing to wear it, you can probably live with it, too. Here are a few closet inspirations...

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