Frank Lloyd Wright, a la 1924

Concrete is, to say the least, a challenging medium for the home. We're used to seeing it in the sparer, impersonal parts of our lives: office complexes, government buildings, hospitals. It can be tough dwelling in a house whose closest genetic cousin is the overpass. But that's why we revere design geniuses like Frank Lloyd Wright. In L.A., Wright turned the stuff of city sidewalks into a light-filled, glamorous tinsel town abode. Check out the Ennis House, built in 1924 in Los Angeles, and inspired by Mayan Temples. One of the first homes constructed of concrete block, Wright fashioned this 10,000 foot, eerily beautiful design into a modern mansion. And like every other Hollywood classic, it's a bit of a film star: the Ennis House has had cameos in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Rocketeer, and most famously, Bladerunner. Let's take a tour:

The Foyer:  notice the temple-like column structure and the light flooding the space.

A view toward the dining room, where you can see the beautiful geometry of the blocks.

Glorious views of California hills are the perfect backdrop for the home; the block pattern runs through the interior and exterior of the house.

The pool was a later addition in the same spirit as the house. These days, the home's restoration is supervised by Eric Lloyd Wright.

A beautiful view down the hall - doesn't this feel faintly Egyptian?
Sadly, Ennis House is in danger of seriously deteriorating. Earthquakes, heavy rains, and wear and tear on the concrete patterns have caused costly damage. If you'd like to read more about the home or help out, visit here.
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