And they're on sale!!! Behold:

Yes, and what does this remind you of? Only one of my dreamiest of dream pillows, 
one I've been stalking online for sometime. Yes, the Thomas Paul Chinoiserie Pillow. Even better, the Target pillow you see above reverses - the other side is yellow, with white scenery, making it a dead ringer for the Thomas Paul version. Normally, I'm an advocate of investing in quality for the generations. But I've invested in so much pillow quality my future generations are in danger of suffocating to death (as you know, I have a Throw Pillow addiction). So, I'm cheating:  the Target version is on sale for $16.99. The Thomas Paul version is $100. One you can purchase with the change in the bottom of your purse; the other one costs as much as a purse. You're welcome great-great-grandkids!

Thomas Paul pillow. Target pillow,


Anonymous said...

It's a dead ringer for the original! I'm a fellow pillow addict and I have to encourage you to get it! :)

Christina said...

target is on a roll lately. they also have these great chevron patterned pillows that i really want. dangerous place to be right now.


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