Liberty of London

How seriously is Target taking their home/decor/apparel/shoes/office/paper/men's accessories/bike deal with classic British design firm Liberty of London? This seriously.
The Target website today:
Yep. The whole website is Liberty. The entire store is too - I visited today, and they'd swathed
everything short of the cash registers in paisley. And you know what? It's fabulous. 
The home line is bright, cheerful, and well thought out - the pattern series gives variety, 
and the colors play well enough together that you can mix and match.

And don't forget the fashion! Website is a bit sparse; there's lots more in the store, including a 
FABULOUS spring coat with jet buttons. You'll recognize it when you see it, because it has my name on it.

There's little of it on the website, but there's also a wonderful stationary and home office series. A peek:
Images, Target.com.


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