Liberty of London

How seriously is Target taking their home/decor/apparel/shoes/office/paper/men's accessories/bike deal with classic British design firm Liberty of London? This seriously.
The Target website today:
Yep. The whole website is Liberty. The entire store is too - I visited today, and they'd swathed
everything short of the cash registers in paisley. And you know what? It's fabulous. 
The home line is bright, cheerful, and well thought out - the pattern series gives variety, 
and the colors play well enough together that you can mix and match.

And don't forget the fashion! Website is a bit sparse; there's lots more in the store, including a 
FABULOUS spring coat with jet buttons. You'll recognize it when you see it, because it has my name on it.

There's little of it on the website, but there's also a wonderful stationary and home office series. A peek:
Images, Target.com.


Southern Aspirations said...

Happy happy! Loving this.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

WHAT?!?!? I am running to my Target store tomorrow morning first thing to see for myself! Thanks for the heads up...Janell

Averill said...

I saw this stuff over the weekend at my Target and was so excited...I probably bought waaay too much of the peacock pattern. The stationery and dishware are particularly great.

Beach House Living said...

I heard Liberty of London would be at Target; thanks for letting me know it has actually arrived.
Somewhere I have a vintage scarf by them.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

You're so lucky! Most of ours was picked over the day before the release, so when I got there Sunday morning, there was hardly any inventory (:

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I gave in to purchase a few pieces. I thought it was very fun and gave me the boost I needed to think Spring. I missed the stationery though, must return!!


Uhm yeah, I know that yellow jacket, I wanted it, too. Only $45, too. Target is da bomb. I also want the tea pots, even though I don't drink tea.

Marija said...

Though I've heard just a ton about it, I didn't realize the extent of Target's commitment to LofL. Thanks for the details and great images - now I've got to go check this out myself! Marija


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