I'm such a fan of the recession-born design venture, Lonny Magazine, an all-online shelter mag. The February issue is packed with great goodies (and piles of pastels), but what really grabbed my eye was the repeated use of open-air organizers and storage. But is that really a dominent theme in the Feb issue, or just an illusion brought on by my subconscious, which has been trying, for weeks, to flag down my conscious and get it to clean out the closets? Number one for sure. My closets aren't THAT bad. Mostly.

Courtesy of Lonny, a few great ideas for storing your belongings in plain sight:

Images, Lonny Magazine.


Viera said...

thank you for stoping by I am glad I found your blog. Lovely.

Christy said...

Oh these are so inspiring, aren't they? Not sure I could have an open air closet at this point in my life...one day, when a toddler isn't running through the house - maybe then! Such pretty pictures!

Beach House Living said...

That small closet organizer does it for me.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

So you know have me wanting to spiff up my closet space. I would love to wallpaper & glam up my walk-in. I'm thinking it would help snag a buyer who likes her closet! Great inspiration, thank you. x

Punctuation Mark said...

nice post... love the jewelry on the coffee table


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