Park Avenue princesses, rap stars, and fashion-friendly teens all aspire to own Louis Vuittons, and by extension, a stamp of taste and expense. Those gold quatrefoils are the pattern seen round the world. But that's the new, recent Vuitton - the original began in 1854 as a trunk making company in Paris (luckily, the most glamorous of glamor cities; imagine if they'd had the misfortune to be founded in Guernsey or Quimper). Curiously, what set Vuitton's first trunks apart was not their attractive design or sturdy construction, though they had that too. It was the fact that they were flat. Most trunks were made with round tops to repel water, but Vuitton cleverly waterproofed his trunks, making them imminently stackable and easier to transport. VoilĂ ! Other manufacturers followed suit, and a legend was born.

Today, in our world of 3 oz liquid limits, roller-bags, and hefty weight fees, LV trunks rarely do much traveling. But we can be grateful for those flat tops yet again, because nothing is easier to decorate than a smooth surface. Lucky enough to have one? Haul it out of your closet/attic/cellar and put it to work. Your stylish rooms will thank you.

P.S. Interested in purchasing vintage LV? Make sure you learn how to identify authentic LVs.

Credits:  Hilfiger library, Hotel images, Side table, Coffee table.


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