I used to be all about heels - the higher the better. Platforms, wedges, stilettos. I wore them on the METRO for crying out loud. But then, one day, I fell off my skyscrapers, plunged through the clouds to earth, and discovered:  there are some FABULOUS flats out there. (Also, falling off of really high heels hurts.) My feet are ever so grateful. But does that mean my fashion is flat too? Not so. Here are some of my favorite flip-flop finds, from Old Navy to Chanel. Go forth and favor your feet.

Lilly Pulitzer Online Store, $88 - $138

Tory Burch Online Store, $45 - 65

Target, $24.99

Chanel Online. See local retailer for prices.

Old Navy Store, $1.99 - $19.55.
J.Crew Online, $24.50 - $59.50.

Saks Fifth Avenue, $39 - $59.

Vinyard Vines Online, $35.

P.S. With apologies, "Ask Sanity Fair" will continue next week - I've had a crazy week, but I'll be back on the job for May!
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