I used to be all about heels - the higher the better. Platforms, wedges, stilettos. I wore them on the METRO for crying out loud. But then, one day, I fell off my skyscrapers, plunged through the clouds to earth, and discovered:  there are some FABULOUS flats out there. (Also, falling off of really high heels hurts.) My feet are ever so grateful. But does that mean my fashion is flat too? Not so. Here are some of my favorite flip-flop finds, from Old Navy to Chanel. Go forth and favor your feet.

Lilly Pulitzer Online Store, $88 - $138

Tory Burch Online Store, $45 - 65

Target, $24.99

Chanel Online. See local retailer for prices.

Old Navy Store, $1.99 - $19.55.
J.Crew Online, $24.50 - $59.50.

Saks Fifth Avenue, $39 - $59.

Vinyard Vines Online, $35.

P.S. With apologies, "Ask Sanity Fair" will continue next week - I've had a crazy week, but I'll be back on the job for May!
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Beach House Living said...

Oh la la Chanel! Likely those lime green with the pink flowers for me.
I did a flip flop post back in February I think obviously way too early. Have you ever worn the Mystique line? I love mine

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey beautiful! This post is so awesome and so true to who you are! It's not about Neimans vs. Target, it is about finding a style/fit that fits your budget, right? I feel like this post showcased such a lovely blend of options! xox

Erica Cook said...

These are lovely! Glad you got to wear them even if I didn't. Much of the snow has melted and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that work commences on my deck. I can't wait to decorate out there! Goodnight sweets! xoxo Erica

Unknown said...

Oh, my! Great inspiration here! I personally would go for the Vineyard Vines, because that's just how I roll, but the Chanel flip flops reminded me - I used to have a pair of Chanel Dr. Scholl's! Yup, I mean, they weren't actually Dr. Scholl's, they were Chanel, but the same style, WHERE did those go?? They were adorable! Circa about 2002, I guess, in the brief Dr. Scholl's revival!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

What perfect timing! I was just telling my pedicure lady that I definately need to stock up on some new flip flops this year and here is the most wonderful assortment. You just saved me a ton of time. Have the best weeekend. XO

Laura Casey Interiors said...

What great finds, thanks for doing my searching for me. Love the green Lilly's!

Duchess of Corbin said...

We will miss you! Bon weekend!

FrenchBlue said...

I have been wanting and obsessing over those CC flip flops for way too long. You may have just sent me to obsession again:) which is a good thing... maybe I will go get them all because of YOU!

Anonymous said...

i desperately want some new sexy sandals for the summer, but i'm having the worst time finding any made for wide feet. and by wide, i mean little paddles with zero arch. any suggestions?

have a great weekend!

xo Alison

sophiedahydesigns said...

I am so glad flats and flip flops are back in. I look at all the gorgeous heels in the stores now, and the heels are all 3-4 inches high. I would be afraid to stand up in them!

Marija said...

This will shock you, I'm sure: I don't wear flip flops. Seriously. They are so adorable and there are some pairs here that would make me reconsider but for the most part, I wear them occasionally around the yard and for pedis (which is so very rare it seems!). I don't do it bc I killed my feet in heels (which I am still totally addicted to) and my podiatrist finally said - stick to tennis shoes for the support. So it's heels or tennies. That being said, I adore the high-low you've got going on here!!!

Susan said...

These are great--I love flip.flops but my favorites are Havianas, have you tried them?

Averill said...

Oooh...I likely. You can never have too many flip flops! One you didn't feature though is DVF's latest offerings, which feature her signature knot and some great prints on the insoles!

{g} said...

oh! the flowery flip-flops look like such fun


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