With a recession so entrenched that the only PC place to show women blowing wads of cash is the very un-PC Middle East (where the outfits are charming, the malls are tremendous, and the average resident lacks both basic necessities and Jimmy Choos), what can we spend our money on this summer? Forget Sex and the City absurdity. In the spirit of recession-omics, here are 10 fun pieces for under $10. Enjoy your guilt-free splurge!

1. Reusable canvas tote, J.Crew, $6.99.

2. Citron, honey, and coriander hand therapy, Crabtree and Evelyn, $10.00.

3. Skinny Glitteratti headwrap, Charlotte Russe, $4.50.

4. and 5. Lilly Pulitzer pencils, $9.95 and gift wrap, $7.

6. Upptacka Umbrellas, IKEA, $3.99.

7. Organic Diamond-Patterned Jacquard Towels, West Elm, $4.99.

8. Floral Print Sarong at Old Navy, $10.97 (pretend you didn't see the 97 cents :). This was too Beach Boys to resist!

9. New East prep bowls, set of three, Target, $4.98.

10. Twisted Elegance Necklace, Forever 21, $6.80.
Images, companies as attributed.


Beach House Living said...

Great picks and fab prices. I like the little sarong minus the .97 of course.

The Uppity Puppy said...

You are truly a recessionista! Nice work.



Kate Spears said...

thank you for recognizing that everybody doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend on treats, or even hundreds for that matter. it always kills me when a magazine spread boasts 100 items under $100....i don't always have $100 to blow on extras, but $10 i can swing! love this!

Sarah Klassen said...

See? This is exactly why I love your blog. Chic, and never a compromise on style. Lovely items, Skyla -- I will have to save some of these ideas for little gifts for friends... or myself! Guilt-free.

Thank you.


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