I've always thought Talbots would be better named Robots - the same capris, the same crunchy, wilt-on-the-hanger linen, the same boxy shapes and boating styles season after season. But like Ann Taylor, this brand is in the shop for a re-haul, and the results are making me look twice.

One of the best aspects of their new look is its versatility. Think classic, not dowdy; sophisticated, not overwrought. Talbots isn't abandoning its baby-boomer demographic (nor should it; this is a bafflingly neglected age group), but it is dusting off some of the talcum powder. The new ad campaign is spot on with a little something for everyone. You young things focus on the pics on the left - stately ladies will love the looks on the right. And whatever your age, you'll want the green coat.

Another great look. It's a bit Ralph Lauren - and I like it. Still sophisticated enough for Aunty Edwina, young enough to pull of some skinny jeans and chunky heels. Even the ads look younger. You can tell the clothes are cool now because the models who wear them jump in the air. Just like Vogue!

Polka-spots! Mix it up with some other patterns and colors, or go for that ubiquitous matriarchal scarf. I'd like to put in a kindly word for scarves, however. Here - and pretty much anywhere - the scarf denotes age. It's tough to wear them right when you still have your natural hair color.  'Twas not always so. I'd like to see them make a comeback as accessories for any age.

And finally, some new Talbots accessories. These are SO chic, and you can dress them up or down. I'd particularly love to pin some fun buttons or brooches on the navy bag.
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