(A few of former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos' nearly 3,000 pairs of shoes. She would have had to change shoes three times a day for two and a half years to wear them all - but American celebrities are giving her a run for her money.)

Today I have a column out on American's obsession with stuff. I didn't bother to ask if we ARE obsessed with stuff (this very blog is proof positive), but it remains to be seen if we can buy happiness too. Is it OK to have copious amounts of stuff, as long as you take care of it, use it, or derive happiness from it? How much is too much? 

Below, a few clebrities lead the pack in conspicuous consumption, posing next to their shoe trophies.
Mariah Carey

Christina Aguilera

Miley Cyrus

Nicky Hilton

50 Cent
Images: Marcos: manilagateway.com. Christina Aguilera: home-design-network.ning.com. Mariah Carey: pumpsicle.com. Miley Cyrus: decorpad.com. Nicky Hilton: fashionolic.blogspot.com. 50 Cent: celebrity-shoes.com


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