Velvet - it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside and all I can think about is velvet. Fashion suicide. If I follow this urge to its logical conclusion, I'll likely be the first victim of heat stroke induced by style. I wouldn't be thinking about anything except swimming pools and ice cream of course, if it weren't for the fashion industry reminding me that - any minute! - I'll be shivering in an arctic chill while wrapped in a leopard coat.

At least Bazaar has some decor options, that with a little air conditioning, we can all live with. I loved the spread on Giorgio Guidotti's Manhattan apartment - and its juicy, chartreuse velvet couch. Mmmm...

More great views of his stylish pad - as always, I'm SUPER excited by anything that involves books. This is a stunning way to display, if you're not compelled to purchase every single book you see (me). If I spread books out like this, my house would need 20 libraries.

In the powder room, many faces in the mirror - paper by Fornasetti. It looks great in the daytime, but at night with a nightlight after a recent viewing of Sixth Sense? Maybe not...

Do try this at home! There's loads of inspiration here.
Velvet couch by Nate Berkus at HSN, $499 (Living Room)
Stylist book, Amazon, $50.62 (Library)
John Derian plate, John Derian for Target - coming Sept. 5! (Derian tray mentioned in article)
Lack bookcase, IKEA, $129 (Library)
Jonathan Adler letter pillow, $98 (Living Room)
Red chinese garden stool,, $160 (Library)
All images, Harper's Bazaar or companies as attributed. John Derian image, Target via nitrolicious.


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