Remember those Tropicana commercials, where the woman wandering the aisles of her supermarket discovers a lush Floridian orange grove behind the shelves, from which brawny orange pickers hand her freshly squeezed cartons of juice? Amazing place, Florida. All those lovely cardboard trees, growing such pretty cartons...

Anyway, the point of the ad is that Tropicana, unlike all those OTHER juices, uses a "real" orange. But they're perhaps in for some competition. At least that's what I thought when I hit the master bathroom of the 2010 Atlanta Showhouse and Gardens, and saw Raymond Goins' undiluted, 100% not-from-concentrate orange laquer walls. The shade was somewhere between an Hermes hatbox and an equatorial sunset. And it was STUNNING. 

Bright, frothy, fun... a visual mimosa. And the rest of the space was no less inebriating. 

Atlanta designer Raymond Goins is a painter as well as an interior designer. The painting - and the tufted leather bench - are his own work. Note below that the decorative geometric shapes on the bench's side are actually extending pieces that can hold a candle or cup. Clever! (But don't knock your shins into it.)

Geometric forms are reflected in - and around - the mirror. The grain in the marble throughout is angular, edgy, rather like those old pixilated graphs printers churned out in the 80s. It's certainly not your mother's Venetian marble bathroom.

Other Mediterranean themes prevail in citron yellows, Mykonos sky ceilings, and a domestic scene of ancient Trojan life (really, with shades this bright, the overhead light is almost superfluous).

Images, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, www.rlgoins.com.


Splendid Sass said...

Oh My Goodness! This home is to die for! I just subscribed to this magazine, and I can't wait to get that issue!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful eye candy.

Anonymous said...

now to just work out which one element I could tranaslate to work in my bathroom... seriously cool but in a 'love in in yours but not in mine' sort of way.

great post SF!

Anonymous said...

'tranaslate' - that would be 'translate' in Australian


Dumbwit Tellher said...

It would be like living in a can of orange soda & that's a good thing. What a magnificent but gutsy choice. Orange lacquer works as the moldings and woodwork are exquisite. The padded, tufted door and the art is breathtaking. A real thrill to see Skyla, thank you.

annechovie said...

I love the lacquer and the cheery colors. Your new banner is terrific, too. xx

Kate Spears said...

gorgeous! i love the blue twiggy thing in the bathroom....i just painted my twigs pea green! maybe blue will be next! xoxo

Averill said...

Wow that bathroom is dynamite -- crazy, but awesome. Love the chaise, the Hellenic murals and that blue ceiling. What I don't get though is the tufted yellow wall? What's up with that?

Sanity Fair said...

Averill, my thought was "sound proofing"!

quintessence said...

Absolutely adore the orange lacquer walls and the Greek painted walls in the bathrroom - and that is some bathroom! Wow!

g├ęsbi said...

Beautiful -- real color bath! I love when designers don't go halfway with color. Clever bench too.

Samantha said...

I think it would be hard to be in a bad mood in that space. (Or to be ther with a migraine.)


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