There's something about Brooks Brothers - it's rather like the clothing version of Holly Golightly's Tiffany's. What can go wrong in felted wool, crisp cotton weave, gold buttons, and pinstripes? Well, a lot if you're a Wall Street banker. But the buttoned-up, timeless style is just what I love. It's always a comfort to know, regardless of the occasion, you'll look up to it. Their newer line, Black Fleece, is a slightly more modern nod imbued with the same classic sensibilities. And stripes. Care to take the Aston for a spin?

From the classic woman's line - Connecticut, I hear you calling!

Don't overlook BB's accessories. The Audubon brooch is just gorgeous!
All images, Brooks Brothers.


Muffy said...

I'm not a watch person, but I love that watch! They have great bags to.

Kitty said...

Love the brown handbag... and your masthead!

Splendid Sass said...

I love the classic line too! I feel like I spent half of my life dressed in a suit, but I loved it. I just adore Brooks Brothers.
Have a nice day.

Beach House Living said...

Great accessories. I'm so happy classic looks are in.

Samantha said...

Love that capelet.


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