I love vests for fall - which is the only time I like them. All those stylish shots of celebrities in Aspen with turtlenecks and vests make me think one thing: cold arms.

This year, vests are very popular, and one of my favorite looks is the hunting style - quilted or puffy in sober colors, it's a great look with jeans, jewels, and Saturday afternoons. Match it with riding boots and you have a winner.

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quintessence said...

Am totally with you - love vests for fall. In fact was in Crew Cuts with my daughter today and she saw an adorable quilted one she liked but they were already sold out! The Christian Dior one is fabulous!!!

quintessence said...

and forgot to mention how much i love your new header - looks like the inside of my brain - I guess that was the point!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Your new header is GORGEOUS!!!! Love it!

Renae Moore said...

Hey SF! I like your new header!
I like vests but they just do not look good on me. :(
You showed some cute ones though!

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm completely taken with the J.Crew and Juicy vests -- I might have to pick one up!


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