I tried it...

But seriously, rhinestones everywhere. On socks. On hats. On baby carriers. I am in the Sparkle Capital of the World. And I am loving it. But beneath all the bling, Dallas is also, among other things, the capital of BBQ, wide roads, drive-through Starbucks, SUVs in the drive-through Starbucks, big skies, friendly hellos, and great shopping. At one point, I got out at a gas station, where "America, America!" was blaring from the speakers, no fewer than six people said hello as if my personal existence made life worth living, the long horns over the door were wider than my car, and they were serving free wine samples inside (non-alcoholic, one hopes). I shed a big Texas tear. Because you can't shed small tears in Texas - everything is jumbo sized.

As are the deals... first up, the Buchanan Flea Market, where shoppers were sprinting up and down the aisles with gleeful abandon (or maybe that was just me), and there was, yet again, no danger of a sparkle shortage.

Trying on a beautiful vintage 1940s bracelet.

Real. And no longer available on the world market.

Alligator with alligators!

Gobs of furs... so many sellers had "recycled" furs - vintage pieces that had been meticulously cleaned, and if needed, restored and relined.

This booth had a scad of rabbit fur coats. For $18 a piece. SHUT UP.

Yes, you should "Decorate Your Boots."

My next stop was the fantastic Area 25, a home new and consignment items store and staging company, on West Lovers Lane - oh it was love alright. I was in love with EVERYTHING.

Chinoiserie chairs...

So many beautiful mantel displays. Their staging expertise certainly shows in the store.

Fabulous malachite tables atop a cowhide rug. So Tony Duquette goes to Texas, no?

Speaking of furs, yet again, Area 25 had a stunning selection of cowhides. I was amazed at what great rugs they make (very flat and easy to walk on). This one was a true stunner - it's speckled with silver paint!

An artful pile of still more rugs...

And yet another beautifully colored cowhide. The prices were lovely too - $350 to $550 (for the silver beauty).

The turquoise marble lamp base was incredible. You can't tell in the picture, but this is actually a matched set. What doesn't Dallas have?
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