I woke up this morning with one burning question on my mind - could it be? Was it a dream? Did Jonathan Adler MAKE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS? Y. E. S.

Who doesn't want a squirrel on their Christmas tree? Or a bubble poodle?

Here's another creative addition - the Lollipop Holder. It's the official 2010 Gift You Did Not Know You Wanted. It probably looks good without the lollipops too, which is great, because I don't know where you can even get these anymore, and someone would just make you feel bad about eating high fructose whatever anyway. 

Adler's Pop Menagerie ornament series would make a lovely holiday memento for little ones -  perfect for "My First Ornament."

And the reason we all like Adler: he calls a carb a carb (and then eats it).

*Special Holiday Diet Tip:  if you break cookies in two, it breaks the calories in half as well. But only if you only eat one half of the cookie. 


Rebecca June | Sea Island Drive said...

I just ordered a few of the GOLD dachshunds for myself. YAY!


Rebecca June

Unknown said...

Love all of this but the lollipop holder takes the cake--so true, I didn't know I needed it till now!

xo Mary Jo

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

Of course, he makes ornaments! Love the elephants!

Splendid Sass said...

Love the peacock and the lollipop holder. The baby ornaments are darling. GREAT!
Thank you for sharing.

Beach House Living said...

I just got the Adler Dachshund as a gift!

ashley cooper said...

I LOVE the ornaments! p.s. I love your blog so much that I featured you on my blog!!
Have a great day!

quintessence said...

How can you not love him - everything he does is so much fun - instant HAPPY!!

Anonymous said...

You have introduced me to another design genius!
His ornaments have a certain style that my homemade ones don't (must blog about those) and my kids are still going for quantity over quality (ikea features prominantly) but we do buy something special each year......


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