I've fallen off the wagon again - four new pillows in the last month! And I think things are going to get worse, now that I've discovered Overstock.com's supply of pretty, non-pricey pillows. Don't believe me?

$43.99 (set of 2)

$39.99 (set of 2)

Images, overstock.com


Kathysue said...

I feel your pain, I say I have never met a pillow, lamp or mirror that I did not stop and think about buying. It is definitely an addiction. Kathysue

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

PIllows you can never get enough of them. Great picks

Alicia said...

Its alright but then again I've a fabric addiction made worse by eBay. Cowtan & Tout, Kravet bolts of at least 5 yds for under 100.00??? Yup.

Karena said...

Pillows have become an obsession of mine as well I am eying those in turquoise!

Art by Karena

I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

Apollina said...

You can get those on Overstock?! Ooh la la! Buying pillows is almost like buying shoes:)

boby said...

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