The iPhone has many uniquely addictive properties, one of which is sticky fingers. Less than 24 hours after I purchased a white iPhone, it was stolen (really? I mean, REALLY?!). I went from tech-glee to trepidation:  had I just acquired an app-enabled Hope Diamond? But, with my new-new iPhone, I've stopped worrying and moved straight on to decorating. The phone, that is:

This is the chinoiserie iPhone cover from Rogue. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this??!! It's absolutely charming. I've ordered it in pagoda orange (see swatch below) with grass green monogram. But if swathing your phone in Blue Willow china patterns isn't for you, check out a few of their other great designs below (I spy some KWID inspired trellis...).

So many great options - switch them out?

On to the interior - here are some apps I've loaded and loved:


iPhone 4 has a great built in camera, but only a professional grade lens can fisheye enough to capture a full room. I hate stumbling across an exciting design in a shop/hotel lobby/friend's living room, and being unable to fit everything into the frame. With Photosynth, you take multiple photos around the space, and Photosynth weaves them all together into one large image or a panorama. Genius! You'll never again wonder what part of a space inspired you.

Code Reader

This app is a box store bonanza - unsure if you're getting a good price on paint? Wallpaper? Linens? Photograph the bar code, and Code Reader gives you a list of local locations selling the same item and their prices. If you're a bargain hunter like me, you may find that it's biggest value is time; I've stopped leaving things on the shelf wondering if there's a "better deal" - then having to return when another store was more expensive or out of stock. And you may decide that a few dollars more doesn't justify another journey across town.

Yard Sale Shopper

I'm afraid of this app. I'm afraid of what the power to know where EVERY estate and/or yard sale in the immediate vicinity may do to me. Yard Sale Shopper combs through local classifieds and creates pin-point maps with descriptions of each sale. Prediction? You may spend the money you save on shopoholics rehab. 

Color Change

This app is the electronic version of Benjamin Moore's sample paint cans. Photograph a space, select the wall (or furniture, lamp shades, etc.) you want to change, and choose from hundreds of colors. Color Change then "repaints" the space in your photograph, for infinite experimentation. Without the aching arms. 


More and more stores and media outlets are "tagging" things, and with home decor mags jumping on that wagon, this is one app you shouldn't go without. Hover your camera phone over a tag, photograph it, and the corresponding video/photo/webpage/etc. will show up on your screen. Tags are a bit like easter eggs - they can provide some fun surprises. For instance, House Beautiful featured a tag on a story about Tobi Fairley's new home. I clicked a quick photo of it, and got to watch a fun video of Tobi giving a personal tour of the home. Tres tres tech!


This app is a bit hit-or-miss, but it's free and harmless, so go for it. Decomash enables you to photograph a space in your home, and then it performs an art search online, pulling together thumbnails of suggested artworks for photographs. See something you like? Click the image, and you'll be transported to the website to buy. 


I really, really love this app. It's designed to easily point you to the nearest necessities - cafe, movie theater, parking, etc. But, grab the "nearby" feature, and you'll get a picture of all the shops around you, so if you're in the mall or visiting a new town, you won't have to wonder where the good stores are. Just click and stroll!

Color Capture

All the smart paint companies are doing it! This app lets you photog any color you like, then matches it up with a corresponding paint color (and, provides harmonious shades for accenting as well). "Ben" is easy to use, and Benjamin Moore paint is everywhere, so this remains one of the most popular options on the market. One tip:  make your sure you have good lighting when capturing that wayward leaf, fabric, or other inspiration. Shadowing reads darker for the Ben app than it does for your eyes, so light the item up to avoid a mis-match.

What did I miss? If you have a favorite iPhone app (or phone cover) be sure to share your find in the comments!
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