Paper whites are most loved as a Christmas flower, but I enjoy them anytime in a cold winter - or a mild fall. They're the most forgiving of flowers. Even brown thumbs can grow a grasp of paper whites with the help of a little water and ample windowsill sun. And after the blooms have dropped, the long leaves will continue to bring a little green to your rooms.

I potted my own paper whites last week, and while I'm waiting for them to grow, I'm living vicariously through these pretty bouquets.

/Images/ The Enchanted Home/ Cote de Texas/ Ruth Burts/ Visual Vamp/ Mary McDonald/ Mary McDonald/ Southern Accents/

Need a how-to? Martha Stewart hasn't let you down - click HERE.


Beach House Living said...

I love the look not the smell too much but it doesn't stop me from buying around 80-100 bulbs each year I pot some up about every 2 weeks staring in November and keep going from there.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love love paper whites! Such a pretty post to get us all in the mood for the winter season!
Have a great week!
Jamie Herzlinger


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